Hazure Akamadoushi Ha Kenjyatime Ni Musou Suru
  • 4.3
  • Alternative:The Loser Red Mage is Unmatched in Sage Time ; ハズレ赤魔道士は賢者タイムに無双する
  • Author:Aoyagi Takao Hochi
  • Views:11.700.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Adventure , Fantasy , Romance , Shounen , Smut

Hazure Akamadoushi Ha Kenjyatime Ni Musou Suru


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Leon is a failed red mage who constantly fails class changes - as a result, he acts as a support for his adventuring team, Wolf Fang Sword. Eventually, as all narou series do, he is fired from the party for not being strong enough.However, after leaving the team, as all narou series do, Leon finds that he was stifled by his own team. The fact that he has a “Sage” class was unprecedented, and it turns out that he can fight perfectly fine on his own. Not to mention that his Sage class has a hidden power which only activates in certain conditions...Translation note: “Sage Time” is, in Japan, a moniker given to the moment of clarity a man has after busting a fat nut.

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